Spajama Party Add-On

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Price: $150.00+ Premium Indoor Camping Party Price (From $275.00)
What girl doesn't dream of being pampered?  Help make your child's dream come true with a spa themed party!!  
This party includes everything from the Premium Indoor Camping Party package 
When girls arrive they will be presented with a pink tub containing everything they need for their spa stations. An adorable robe, Spa head band, tiara, comb, hand towel, mani set, nail brush, pedi shoes. 
Stations include:
  • Pedi- soaking tubs, polish remover, polish, pedi shoes, lotion, bath salts, clippers, file, nail brush, stone
  • Mani- soaking bowls, soap, polish remover, polish, lotion, clippers, file, nail brush
  • Facial - head bands, bowls (facial cream and warm water), sponge brush, wash clothes,
  • Hair- hair bands, combs and  tiara
  • Craft- individual black boards, chalk pens. Boards can be hung on teepee
Pedi shoes, lip gross, lipstick pen, nail brush, nail set (clippers, file, tweezers), beautiful bracelet, tissues, comb, tiara, sleep mask, black board and candy. 
$150 for 6 children
$60 extra if you would like for camp counselors to stay and do spa treatments.
$15 per each additional child